Gloucester Maps and Prospects

A research folder  compiled by N Spry for The Gloucester Civic Trust.

The  images are of all the historic maps of the city and its locale that Nigel Spry or others have scanned dating from early 17th century onwards, including Harold Wingham’s fourteen or so photographic copies of the 1852 ‘health map’. Also included are two earlier medieval skyline views and two 18th century distant prospects from etchings. Visualisations by Philip Moss and Richard Bryant of the Roman fort, colonia, sub-Roman town and the 18th century city are also included, together with some EH mid 20th century oblique aerial photos, with their permission to use.

A full file index is included with copyright information


GM&P1          Visualisation of 1st century Gloucester Roman Fortress by Philip Moss     Visualisation of 2nd century Roman Gloucester by Philip Moss 

GM&P2(b)     Roman Gloucester close-up by Philip Moss

GM&P3          Visualisation of North West Gloucester in about 680 by Richard Bryant

GM&P4          Marginal drawing of Gloucester skyline from a 13th century copy of Geoffrey of Monmouth’s ‘Historia Regum Brittanie’

GM&P5          Close-up of the abbey and castle on the marginal drawing of Gloucester from a 13th century copy of Geoffrey of Monmouth’s ‘Historia Regum Brittanie’

GM&P6          Gloucester from the 1935 OS facsimile of the about 1360 Bodleian ‘Gough Map’

GM&P7          Speed’s plan of Gloucester 1610

GM&P8          Map of Gloucester 1624, incorporating Dudston and Kings Barton 

GM&P9          Plan of the defences of Gloucester about 1646

GM&P10        Kip’s prospect of Gloucester 1712

GM&P11        Unidentified engraved plate showing the city 1700-50

GM&P12        North East view of Gloucester from Wotton, 1712

GM&P13        Visualisation of mid-18th century Gloucester by Philip Moss

GM&P14        West view of Gloucester from Over, 1784

GM&P15(a)   1st edition Hall and  Pinnell  plan of Gloucester 1780 [Glos. Archives MA71]

GM&P15(b)   Hall and Pinnell plan of Gloucester, 1796 

GM&P16(a)   Cole and Roper plan of Gloucester (B&W) about 1805

GM&P16(b)   Cole and Roper plan of Gloucester (coloured) about 1805

GM&P17        Part of Greenwood’s 1824 map of Gloucestershire

GM&P18        Causton’s 1843 map of Gloucester

GM&P19        Central area of Gloucester on Causton’s 1843 map

GM&P19a      Reduced Central area of Gloucester on Causton’s 1843 map

GM&P20(a)   Gloucester Health Map, 1852, index sheet

GM&P20(b)   Gloucester Health Map, 1852, sheet 1

GM&P20(c)   Gloucester Health Map, 1852, sheet 2

GM&P20(d)   Gloucester Health Map, 1852, sheet 3

GM&P20(e)   Gloucester Health Map, 1852, sheet 4

GM&P20(f)    Gloucester Health Map, 1852, sheet 5

GM&P20(g)   Gloucester Health Map, 1852, sheet 6

GM&P20(h)   Gloucester Health Map, 1852, sheet 7

GM&P20(i)    Gloucester Health Map, 1852, sheet 8

GM&P20(j)    Gloucester Health Map, 1852, sheet 9

GM&P20(k)   Gloucester Health Map, 1852, sheet 10

GM&P20(l)    Gloucester Health Map, 1852, sheet 11

GM&P20(m)  Gloucester Health Map, 1852, sheet 11a

GM&P20(n)   Gloucester Health Map, 1852, sheet 12

GM&P20(o)   Gloucester Health Map, 1852, sheet 13

GM&P20(p)   Gloucester Health Map, 1852, sheet 14

GM&P 21       Gloucester about 1870, 1832 and proposed 1868 boundaries

GM&P22        Gloucester Cathedral and Westgate Street, Gloucester from the East, 1928

GM&P23        Gloucester city centre from the South West, 1946

GM&P24        Gloucester Cathedral and the Westgate area from the South, 1947

GM&P25        Gloucester Docks from the North East, 1947 

GM&P26        Southern end of the Docks and remains of Llanthony Priory, Gloucester, 1947

GM&P27        Bing online map of Gloucester about 2013

GM&P28        Gloucester on Hereford’s Mappa Mundi

GM&P29        Gloucester’s Extra Mural Parishes

GM&P30        13th Century Gloucester

GM&P31a     Barnwood 1780

GM&P31b     Tredworth 1780

GM&P31c      Longford  1780

GM&P31d     Sandhurst 1780

GM&P31e     Sudmead 1780

GM&P31f       Upton        1780

GM&P32        Gloucester Hams

GM&P33        St. Peter from the NW, mid 19th C

GM&P34        Gloucester from Over

GM&P35        OS Gloucestershire 1828

GM&P36        Mid13cMap colour

GM&P37        1643 Gloucester


Copyright information and acknowledgements
GM&P1, GM&P2a, GM&P2b, GM&P13, GM&P30, GM&P37 – Philip Moss©
GM&P3 – Richard Bryant©, acknowledgement to Dean and Chapter, Gloucester Cathedral
GM&P4 – British Library©, acknowledgement to David Verey and David Welander
GM&P5 – British Library©, acknowledgement to Dean and Chapter, Gloucester Cathedral
GM&P6 – Ordnance Survey©
GM&P7 – J Speed. ©JRS Whiting
GM&P8 – From GS Blakeway ‘The City of Gloucster’ 1924
GM&P9 – Unknown as yet, acknowledgement to Gloucestershire Archives
GM&P10, GM&P12 – J Kip
GM&P11 – In private ownership
GM&P14 – From ‘Modern Universal British Traveller’
GM&P15a, b – Hall and Pinnell, acknowledgement and © Gloucestershire Archives
GM&P16a, b – Cole and Roper, Ashley Baynton-Williams©
GM&P17 – Greenwood, acknowledgement to Gloucestershire Archives and Ray Wilson
GM&P18, GM&P19 – Arthur Causton, acknowledgement to Gloucestershire Archives
GM&P20a to p – Royal Engineers for Gloucester Board Of Health, acknowledgement to Harold Wingham
GM&P21 – Henry James, Royal Engineers
GM&P22 to GM&P26 – English Heritage©
GM&P27 – Microsoft©
GM&P28 – The Chapter of Hereford©
GM&P29 – acknowledgement to Caroline Heighway
GM&P31a to g – Hyatt 1780, acknowledgement & © Glos Archives
GM&P33 – acknowledgement & © Terry Moore-Scott
GM&P36 – acknowledgement to Ian Mortimer and Vintage Books

A copyright transcription, by Geoff Gwatkin , of the Gloucester Enclosure Map has been produced as ‘The parishes of Gloucester 1799’. It is available from:

Images of early OS maps may be obtained from: