About the Frocester Fund Grant


The main object of the Fund, established by a generous gift to Gloucestershire Archaeology (formerly GADARG), from our past President Eddie Price, was to help archaeologists pay for the publication of archaeological reports relating to Gloucestershire.

At the discretion of the Gloucestershire Archaeology Executive Committee money from the Fund may be used to meet the costs of specialist reports (e.g. pottery, radiocarbon dating etc.). These might be necessary elements of the publication of excavation projects (either as standalone documents or in “Glevensis”) and/or other expenses incurred by excavation projects.

Only one allocation of up to £1,000 can be made in any one year, the year to run from 1 October to 30 September.


Previous Recipients of the Frocester Grant

Previous grants have been made to:

  • David Evans towards analyses of material from his 2004-05 dig at Kings Stanley,
  • Michael Philpott towards carbon dating of bone from his 2012 dig at Churchdown.
  • Tom Moore of Durham University (2) for analysis of brooches (2015-16) and iron slag (2016-17) from excavations at Bagendon.
  • Roger Townsend of Crickley Hill Archaeological Trust (2018-19), towards publication of further volumes of the report on excavations by Philip Dixon in the 1980s and 1990s.
  • Tony Roberts (2019-20) for radiocarbon dating of samples form the Archaeoscan excavation of a Roman site at Slimbridge
  • Don Macer-Wright (2020-21) for radiocarbon dating of skeletal remains from pits beneath the Roman temple at Littledean.
  • Tony Roberts (2021-22) for a professional report on pottery from the excavations at Slimbridge
  • Andy Moir & David Aldred (2022-23) towards dendrochronological dating for Cotswold’s Hidden Crucks Project: Bishop’s Cleeve