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GlosArch publishes annually, about April, a journal called GLEVENSIS (meaning 'of Gloucester'). This is in A4 softback format, usually of 60 or more pages, illustrated with many plans, line drawings and photographs.


Twice a year GlosArch produces a newsletter to publicise its activities and to keep members up to date with things that are happening in the local scene, including courses and conferences etc. The Newsletter is now made available to the general public and is here reproduced in pdf format


The four volume record of excavations and finds at Frocester, a small UK village in Gloucestershire five miles (8km) south-west of Stroud where three substantial Roman settlement sites and a scatter of six lesser ones were established.


GADARG'S "SEEING THROUGH THE TREES" PROJECT based on the LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) data produced by Cranham Local History Society's survey in 2008 is reproduced here, in pdf format.

Frocester Publication Fund


The main object of the Fund, established by a generous gift to Gloucestershire Archaeology (formerly GADARG), from our

past President Eddie Price, was designed to help archaeologists pay for the publication of archaeological reports

relating to Gloucestershire.

At the discretion of the Gloucestershire Archaeology Executive Committee money from the Fund may be used to meet the

costs of specialist reports (e.g. pottery, carbon dating etc.). These might be necessary elements of the publication of

excavation projects (either as standalone documents or in “Glevensis”) and/or other expenses incurred by excavation projects.

Only one allocation of up to £1,000 can be made in any one year, the year to run from 1 October to 30 September.

Two grants have been allocated since the Fund was established one to David Evans towards analyses of material from his

2004-05 dig at Kings Stanley and one to Michael Philpott towards carbon dating of bone from his recent dig at Churchdown.

Both reports will be published in due course.

For an application form and further details please contact the Hon Secretary, Mike Milward,

1 Chase View, Pestbury, GL52 3AL phone 01242 463696 or email him at m.milward1@yahoo.co.uk