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Charity no.252290



Please treat all donations (including membership subscription) I may make to the Charity on or after the date of this Declaration as Gift Aid donations and reclaim tax thereon.

I confirm I am a UK tax payer.

Signed _________________Date _______________________

Details of donor (in capitals)

Title _____ Forename(s) _______________________________

Surname ______________________________


Post Code ______________________

Notes - May be detached and kept for reference

  1. You can cancel this declararion at any time by notifying the treasurer.
  2. You must pay an amount of income tax and/or capital gains tax at least equal to the tax that the charity reclaims on your donations in the tax year (currently 28p for every £1 given).
  3. If in the future your circumstances change and you no longer pay tax on your income and capital gains equal to the tax that the charity reclaims, you can cancel your declaration (see note 1).
  4. If you pay tax at the higher rate you can claim further tax relief in your Self Assessment tax return.
  5. If you are unsure whether your donations qualify for Gift Aid tax relief, ask the treasurer, or ask your local tax office for leaflet IR113 Gift Aid.
  6. Please notify GLOSARCH if you change your name or address.
  7. Only one taxpayer to sign per household.

            Send to:-
Hon Treasurer, Miss A M Newcombe, 2 Warren Close, Churchdown, Glos GL3 1JP.