Charity no.252290



at Butser Ancient Farm nr Petersfield

Here is a unique opportunity  to get involved with Experimental Archaeolgy.

The project aims at investigating the construction techniques of prehistoric logboats. It is a follow up from ‘The Prometheus’ project that explored the use of fire in the construction of Bronze Age logboats. This year’s project will focus on the construction of Mesolithic boats. The project will see two logboats being constructed, one 7.5m long the other c.3.5m. The bigger log will be used to explore a range of different construction techniques including theories from Starr Carr and Bouldnor Cliff. The construction of the boats will be done with bone, stone and antler tools and, as well as gathering quantifiable data, it will give those involved the experience of working with replica prehistoric tools.

The experiment will be volunteer focused and led by the Experimental Archaeologist and Volunteer Co-ordinator, Ryan Watts, MA(Hons). It will be carried out from the 23rd July until the end of August with the launch date of 30th August.

If you are interested in taking part in the project please get in touch and let the organisers know which dates you would like to participate. Due to the scientific nature of the project they are limiting the number of drop in volunteers taking part. If you would like to participate you will need to book a date via the following link or phone no:-

02392 598838

The project staff are also looking for specialists who will be able to provide Mesolithic tools to use on the project including Tranchet Axes and antler picks. They would also like to build a Mesolithic exhibition area around the project and include examples of Mesolithic artefacts. If you are able to help with this it would be much appreciated.

You will also be able to follow the projects progress on the project’s website, blog and facebook page during the duration.